Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Acclaimed artist and professor at the Städelschule, Tobais Rehberger, presents his tower sculpture "go.went.gone." outside the entrance of the Fraport headquarter in Frankfurt, Germany. Comprised of 18 aluminum and glass cylinders, the 13-meter high sculpture resembles the airport tower completed in 2011.


Category: Outdoor
Location: Frankfurt
Technology: LED
Year: 2014

The vision was to display the air traffic on the dynamic glowing rings in real-time. The system integrator two sense GmbH collaborated with Traxon & e:cue to develop a special control solution, in which data on real air activity is transmitted to the e:cue Lighting Application Suite (LAS). From there, the data is sent to the waiting loop and filtered repeatedly, until it is in accordance with the local time, and triggers the dynamic light movement. Moreover, the LAS monitors the temperature surrounding the integrated LEDs to avoid potential overheating. The LAS also was adjusted to meet the special network topography at the airport and the strict security standards. Preprogrammed scenarios for starting and landing are stored and controlled via an e:cue Butler XT2. An e:cue DMX2PWM is installed to reduce the light output of the rings automatically at dawn and at night, efficiently adapting to the surrounding light. Fraport AG is one of the leading companies in the international airport business that operates the Frankfurt Airport. The artpiece "go.went.gone" creates a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere for employees and visitors of the Fraport headquarter.

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Project Partner

Lighting Designer :Tobias Rehberger
Architect :Tobias Rehberger
Installer :two sense gmbh