Grand Lacere Kagoshima

Kagoshima, Japan

Inspired by European seaside resorts, the fascinating and contemporary design of Marino Vista banquet hall at the Grand Lacere Kagoshima in Japan provides an unforgettable experience to its guests.


Category: Indoor
Location: Kagoshima
Technology: LED
Year: 2015

The banquet hall is designed to create a visual and tangible connection to “marine” with various décor elements such as wavy walls and ceilings, mosaic sand brick tiles, and curtains resembling waterfalls. Together with the décor elements, the use of colors, lighting and music mimics “water flows” in the venue, creating a fresh impression and relaxing ambience. To provide a whole new level of personalized hospitality, Traxon Nano Liner XB are installed to provide dynamic lighting with a wide range of color options and effects to choose from to fit the themes of the events. Sleek and slender, 60 pieces of Traxon Nano Liner XB-27 are perfectly fitted into the narrow wavy ceilings preventing irritating glares that may distract the guests. Dimmable via 15 e:cue DMX2CC 12CH dimmers, the lighting is capable of creating the most suitable atmosphere for the event taking place. Grand Lacere Kagoshima offers special themed wedding packages such as “Mermaid Wedding” that provides special and memorable experience for wedding couples as well as the guests who attend the wedding.

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