Futuristic lighting design for an unusual structure

Humboldt-Box - Berlin, Germany

The Humbolt Box is the temporary information and communication centre for the Berlin city castle.With an expected life duration of eight years it takes on the task of informing about the Humboldt Forum future project, its future contents, the design of the castle forecourt and about the construction project in general. With 3,000 m² of surface area and a height of 28 metres on five storeys, the Box is an eye catcher, exhibition space, viewing platform and event location all in one, a "communicating spatial sculpture" as the architects have named their project.


Category: Street & Urban
Location: Berlin, Germany
Technology/Services: Luminaires
Year: 2012

Multifunctional options within a steel skeleton

The Humboldt Box is characterised by a striking steel skeleton serving as a framework for the outer textile shell. Between this facade and the actual building shell of cellular concrete there is an intermediate space of 30 cm that backlit, with the aim of emphasising the polygonal structure of the complex.

The challenge was to create a lighting solution that corresponds with the interior design concept: multifunctional use and design with a temporary character.

Emphasis of the polygonal form via light

Traxon backlit the outer shell of the Humboldt Box with around 800 SiPLAST damp-proof battens with KNX control installed to the support structure of the cube. The linear light emphasises the steel structure of the building and also the polygonal form.

The lighting extends this concept in the inner rooms that have largely done without coverings to the ceilings and walls. General lighting here is with approximately 500 open distribution batten luminaires.


  • 800 SiPLAST® damp-proof batten luminaires with KNX control

Project Partner

Architect:KSV Krüger Schuberth Vandreike, Berlin
Planner:Lichtvision, Berlin
Installer:Kramer Elektro, Rangsdorf
Number of luminaires: 1300