i Light Marina Bay 2014 "Joujou-Ours"


i Light Marina Bay, Asia’s only sustainable light art Festival, exhibited 28 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations from around the world in Singapore from 7 to 30 March 2014. The theme “Light+heART” aimed to engage people through light art installations that are thought-provoking and inspiring, while remaining light-hearted.


Category: Outdoor
Location: Singapore
Technology: LED
Year: 2014

Traxon sponsored Uno Lai Lighting Design to create the Joujou-Ours light art installation which comprises of giant cute toy bear heads lit up with Traxon Dot XL-9 energyefficient LED lights. Joujou-Ours means “toy bears” in French and the inspiration came from childhood memories of owning and playing toy bears. Each toy bear has its own personality and displays unique lighting effects, reacting to motion and touch through motion sensors. Walking closer to the toy bears or touching their heads triggers alternate lighting effects via Traxon LED lighting solutions. Traxon Dot XL-9, e:cue Butler XT2 and Butler S2 were used to create a dynamic, nostalgic and heart-warming experience for visitors. Artist Uno Lai believes that interactive arts are not just about technology but it should also reflect simple acts to express love. Joujou-Ours is an interactive art that shows how lights can evoke emotion and warmth amongst people. The use of Traxon LED lighting solutions on Joujou-Ours helps to convey this message while supporting sustainability through intelligent and innovative lighting design.

Used Products

Project Partner

Lighting Designer :Work No. 3 by Uno Lai
Technical Design:Sunnia Cheng, Jeff Hung
Interactive Design:Jasper Tseng, innoCirque New Media