OSRAM LED solutions contribute to spectacular interactive artwork Ice Angel

Cinimod Studio is a cutting-edge experimental design company based in London specializing in interactive, lighting, architectural, art and sound design. A brilliant example of its creative work is the Ice Angel by Dominic Harris, founder of Cinimod Studio: An interactive artwork providing participants with a glimpse of themselves depicted in angelic form. State-of-the-art LED lighting and control technology from OSRAM contributed to bringing the Ice Angel to life.


Category: Dynamic lighting
Location: London, United Kingdom
Technology/Services: LED lamps
Year: 2018

Brilliant example for smart art experience

Ice Angel is an interactive installation which adapts to each individual and reflect his/her shape. The artwork, which was created in 2012 by Dominic Harris and realized by Cinimod Studio, “blends the act of youthful playfulness when creating snow angels, with modern digital manipulations, thus allowing the participant to assume the role of both performer and the portrait subject.”

The artist further explains: “As the user moves their arms, a new wing shape appears, unfurling from the shoulders, creating the angel traces within virtual snow. The wings are created dynamically and are linked to the participant, creating a performance proportional to the user’s physical extents. The artwork has a ‘memory’, capturing a hidden view of the participant and their angel wings, and this specific angel identity remains linked to that participant in any future encounters with the artwork.”

Technical solution: 110 x customized white LED 64PXL boards & 1 Video Micro Converter

Light expert OSRAM was commissioned with the special task to make the Ice Angel appear in an appropriate heavenly light. OSRAM created a customized white from its standard Traxon RGB 64PXL LED board, and with the e:cue VMC Video Micro Converter OSRAM also provided the perfect lighting control.

Cinimod Studio designed and realized the technical implementation, created the content that reacts to the size and weight of the individual that steps on the platform.

In 2015, an updated version of the Ice Angel was relaunched which for the first time incorporates sound as a central component to the artwork.