InWork recruits Traxon LED luminaires for demanding facade lighting tasks

InWork – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Founded in 2006, Dutch business service provider InWork recruits, promotes and provides highly qualified IT and engineering specialists. With tailor-made recruitment, outsourcing, co-sourcing and consulting, InWork has developed into a company with more than 1000 IT and technology professionals at its service within only 10 years. The company’s headquarters in Amsterdam, an ultramodern office building, employs about 100 people. Hedwig Westerburgen from SmartLight B.V. designed a spectacular customized color-changing LED facade lighting, which now also transports the company's high technological footprint to the outside world. The lighting designer recruited 47 state-of-the-art Nano Liner Allegro AC XB27 LED luminaires from Traxon as the perfect lighting expert for this challenging task.


Category: Office
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Technology/Services: Luminaires
Year: 2017

InWork was looking for a dynamic color changing and easy-to-control façade lighting for its hypermodern office building in Amsterdam to make the company's technological expertise visible from the outside as well. The particular challenge was to illuminate the façade very brightly and absolutely evenly.

Traxon LED luminaires – proven experts for challenging lighting tasks

Experienced lighting designer Hedwig Westerburgen from SmartLight chose Nano Liner AC XB RGB LED luminaires, which are not only distinguished by their well-known and reliable state-of-the-art technology from the LED expert Traxon, but are also available in versions with a radiation angle of 50°x10°.

Thanks to the slim design of the Nano Liner AC XB, the 47 LED wall washers could be integrated as an additional design highlight into the narrow grate drainage shafts leading around the building. Special polycarbonate covers are used to protect the luminaires. Another highlight is also the lighting control: the customer can change the colors easily and comfortably from his tablet or smartphone, even from home or on the road.

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