“The Wings” - aluminium sculptures provide spectacular new highlights

Libeskind Sculptures – Milan, Italy

From May 2015 to early 2016, four giant aluminium sculptures have temporarily provided spectacular new highlights on the large Piazza Italia in Milan. “The Wings” were designed by renowned architect and urban planner Daniel Libeskind, the owner is Siemens.


Category: Smart City
Location: Milan, Italy
Technology/Services: Luminaires
Year: 2015

The four 10-meter high and 14-ton Libeskind sculptures are a multimedia art installation with a focus on the theme of nature. This idea is not only transported by the shape of the sculpture itself, three intertwined flat metal helixes, reminiscent of a tree and its branches, the central nature motif is also conveyed by sounds, images and animations. All four sculptures are equipped with Traxon Washer Allegro RGB LED luminaires at the ground around the structures. In two of them additionally thousands of customized Traxon Mini-Dot-String RGB are embedded in the 3D formed metal surface.

The lighting system is controlled by Video Micro Converter e: pix / DMX which convert complex video content into control signal. The maintenance crew can access via internet from any place in the world to check the status. All 4 structures were connected within a network to play the content perfectly synced. This project shows in a perfect way, which strong and impressive combination solid materials such as metal can form with filigree elements of the semiconductor LED technology. With this complete solution from Traxon e:cue, a great multitude of scenarios can be shown just by the interaction of all four artworks.

Used Products

Project Partner

Partner:Daniel Libeskind / PAI Group
Client:Siemens/Innovision UK
Lighting Designer:Daniel Libeskind
Architect:Daniel Libeskind