New lighting installation of the National Mining Museum in Scotland

National Mining Museum – Newtongrange, United Kingdom

The new lighting installation of the National Mining Museum in Scotland brings the pithead and gantry of the museum to life and creates a new landmark in the Midlothian night skyline.


Category: Museums & Education
Location: Newtongrange, Great Britain
Technology/Services: Luminaires
Year: 2011

The museum is situated in Newtongrange, nine miles south of Edinburgh, which previously served as Scotland’s largest mining village in the 1890s. The so-called Lady Victoria Colliery has been closed since 1981, but today is the home of the National Mining Museum. The challenge of the project was ensuring that the installation would be in strict accordance with all heritage conservation criteria. Innovative LED technology creates the illusion that the pit wheels at the Lady Victoria Colliery are once again turning, making it seem as if the famous gantry is being thronged by miners carrying lamps.

The framework of the pithead is highlighted using Traxon Wall Washer Shield AC XB in Dynamic White with different amounts of LEDs (18 and 36), and various beam angles, so that every space is covered with a rich, even wash. The combination of e:cue Butler XT and DMX2CC (12 channel) dimmer provides preprogrammed sequences to give the effect of the two wheels of the pithead turning. The internal real-time and astronomical clock saves energy by switching on the installation at sunset and switching it off at 1:30 am.

Used Products

Project Partner

Lighting Programmer:Black Light Ltd
Client:National Mining Museum Scotland
Installer:Black Light Ltd