Innovative shopping experience at the Orchard Gateway

Orchard Gateway - Singapore

Traxon e:cue showcase this Singaporean architectural highlight, offering a unique visual and shopping experience while combining various lighting effects and atmospheres.


Category: Retail
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Technology/Services: Luminaires
Year: 2014

Located in the epicenter of Orchard Road in Singapore, Orchard Gateway is the sui generis shopping mall that straddles both sides of Orchard Road, linking a glass tubular bridge and an underpass to connect the bustling shopping belt. The shopping mall is a mixed architecture, including a hotel, offices, national library as well as a variety of international well-known retail brands that provides a seamless shopping and lifestyle experience for the shoppers. To create color changing ambient lighting effects in the entire shopping area, various dynamic lightings such as Nano Liner XB are installed on the three-story glass balustrade; the media wall in the gateway panel is illuminated by 64PXL / 16 PXL Board RGB; while Cove Light AC HE and Cove Light AC Dim light up in the atrium, creating a dynamic light show with breathtaking and glamorous effects. The lively and modern shopping environment not only dazzles the shoppers and the passers-by, but also gives a unique identity to Orchard Gateway that transforms the mall into a significant and eye-catching urban landmark in Singapore.

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