Pioneering intelligent LED lighting solutions for the new OSRAM Semiconductors headquarters

OSRAM OS headquarters - Regensburg, Germany

The new OSRAM Opto Semiconductors headquarters in Regensburg not only stands out for its modern architecture and contemporary interior design, but also unites the OSRAM corporate family's innovative lighting expertise under one roof. LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, LED luminaires from Siteco and Traxon, intelligent light management systems from e:cue, and LED strip lighting, LED drivers and control gear from OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems come together to provide fascinating and efficient connected state-of-the-art LED lighting. The indoor human centric lighting concept and the outdoor lighting solutions were fully planned and perfectly implemented by OSRAM Lighting Solutions.


Category: Buildings
Location: Regensburg
Technology: LED
Year: 2017

Functional and dynamic LED interior lighting: human centric lighting (HCL)

The aim of human centric lighting concepts is to transfer the characteristics of natural lighting and the associated biological effect on humans to interior spaces. Intelligent, dynamic control of artificial light at different brightness levels and color temperatures creates a lighting situation which not only corresponds to our fundamental biorhythms but also significantly improves well-being and performance in the workplace. This is achieved through:

  • stabilizing the individual circadian rhythm
  • activating and improving concentration
  • stabilizing physical performance and reducing immediate fatigue
  • allowing and promoting regeneration
  • improving moods (e.g. avoiding depression)
  • strengthening the immune system

To achieve this, 3000 drivers in luminaires, more than 350 sensors and a number of KNX buttons are connected in such a way that they enable innovative light management applications such as presence detection, time-based control, daylight control and swarm control to be accommodated in one system. When it came to elaborating the HCL lighting concept, OSRAM Lighting Solutions placed great emphasis on high vertical illuminance levels in energizing mode (250-500lx), dynamic white color temperatures (TW - Tunable White from 3,000 to 6,500K), and dynamic lighting control including the option of scene and real-time programming. In addition, "artificial skies" were created indoors where possible through large-scale indirect lighting.

Intelligent control concept with e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT light management system

At the heart of the lighting system is OSRAM's own light management system e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT, high-performance smart lighting software which in combination with various e:cue SYMPL components ensures intuitive and user-friendly system operation. Based on 350 OSRAM PIR brightness and presence sensors which transmit their states via a DALI bus to SYMPHOLIGHT, dimming and color values for each individual luminaire or group of luminaires are calculated taking into account the time and available daylight. Of course, the states of the light switches (KNX) are also processed and linked intelligently. The system also supports the latest control standards (DALI version 2 and type 8), providing a color temperature curve calculated dynamically throughout the day.

The swarm function of the system is proving to be particularly efficient. If individual desks are still occupied in the evening, the lights above them can be controlled to 100%, while other lights nearby can be lowered to an energy and cost-saving light output of 10%. The LED media screen at the entrance and the 144,000 DMX channels - via e:cue SYMPL components - are also connected to the central SYMPHOLIGHT control system. Further advantages of the control system are that it can use the IT infrastructure of the building without additional installation of cables, and employees can easily be assigned access rights so that they can control the lights at their own desks via their PC's web browser or a tablet.

The e:cue smart lighting platform also gives building users the option of developing their own additional functions and algorithms that go even beyond the usual lighting functions. The software features a simple graphical interface (Workflow Editor) in which new functions can be designed. For example, a perimeter security zone could be set up, in which alarms are triggered using one or more sensors and actuators as well as switches. What's more, many other intelligent devices and systems can be included via the open interfaces the platform offers, and can interact with the lighting system.

Not only attractive and productive, but also efficient and economical: OSRAM LED lighting and lighting control

The innovative lighting control system from OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers a high degree of transparency and traceability through intelligent demand-based lighting control in combination with an innovative energy monitoring evaluation function. Thanks to the e:cue smart lighting platform, the lighting-related energy consumption in the whole building can not only be precisely controlled but also significantly reduced overall. The fact that the failure of lights or a fault is automatically reported to the facility management also saves time and costs.

State-of-the-art general, accent and HCL indoor lighting with LED luminaires from Siteco and Traxon

Taking into account the biological effect of light, the open-office spaces and conference areas feature Mira recessed TW LED luminaires from Siteco to simulate the changes in natural light which helps activate and improve concentration, stabilize physical performance and reduce immediate fatigue. Starting around 6 in the morning with a color temperature of 3,000 K and a horizontal illuminance of 500 lx, at noon the illuminance reaches a maximum of approximately 800 lx (horizontally, so approximately 300 lx vertically) at a color temperature of 6,500 K; the higher illuminance and color temperature increase concentration and support the performance of the employees. At about 6 in the evening the dynamic "daylight curve" ends with 3,000 K and 500 lx. Seasonal influences are automatically taken into account in this intelligent lighting concept and are integrated into the programming - of course across all floors to ensure uniform lighting throughout the building.

In addition to Mira LED luminaires for realizing the HCL concept, Lunis LED downlights and LED wallwashers from Siteco are used for general and accent lighting. Linear Traxon Allegro RGB LED luminaires in the window sills illuminating the ceilings enable highly effective, dynamic lighting effects during the day and at night in particular. To further enhance visual attractiveness, the ceiling luminaires in offices, conference rooms and the Skygarden were not positioned in a rigid geometric grid, but freely and asymmetrically. The lighting system not only meets aesthetic requirements but also creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the workplace - without any functional loss.

Relaxed atmosphere and effective lighting in the Skygarden with Siteco Lunis LED luminaires and Traxon Allegro RGB LED linear luminaires

A central architectural design element and special eye-catcher is the glass cube of the Skygarden that protrudes from the building on the fifth floor. Tailored to Skygarden's use as a canteen and lounge, Siteco Lunis LED wallwashers and LED downlights in a warm light color (3,000K) have been installed here. The luminaires are complemented by cove lighting with flexible LED strips along the walls - a visually appealing vertical lighting solution which creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room. The Skygarden showcases its special exterior effect in the evening when it is lit up in orange from above and below using Traxon Allegro RGB LED linear luminaires. A particular highlight is the option of changing the color of the back wall through the coving.

Effective facade lighting and media solution with Traxon LED luminaires and LED modules

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' special lighting heritage is also reflected in the spectacular outdoor lighting solutions for the new headquarters. The most defining and striking element of the facade is the giant LED screen framing the entrance. Consisting of a variety of 64pxl Board LED components from Traxon, this LED media screen offers countless projection options - ranging from innovative company presentations and abstract lighting effects to event-related information. During the evening and at night when the functional office lighting is not in operation, the building takes on a completely different look. Using Traxon Monochrome Tube LED luminaires, the central part of the building is contoured by white lines - a simple but extremely spectacular three-dimensional architectural effect. What's more, in the open-office spaces and the Skygarden the ceilings are indirectly illuminated by linear Allegro RGB LED luminaires in OSRAM's CI color orange, which bathes the building in a discreet yet distinctive light, perfectly interacting with the two OSRAM logos.

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