Szczecin Philharmonic

Szczecin, Poland

Szczecin‘s new Philharmonic concert hall features white glazed blocks with peaked roofs, and a façade formed by a glass covering mounted on a steel structure. Based on a concept by Spanish architect Alberto Viega, the architecture explores the connections between past and present, referring to the shape of a typical European urban development.


Category: Outdoor
Location: Szczecin
Technology: LED
Year: 2014

The dynamic LED lighting solution contains over 25,000 customized Traxon Dot XL-3 RGB fixtures which replace the originally planned linear fluorescent lamp arrangement. Mounted on flexible strings between the walls of the building and its glass covering, the reflected light emerges from the empty space. Furthermore, e:cue’s control systems manage the installation, with a combination of the Lighting Control Engine 2 fx, Butler XT, and Video Micro Converter delivering pre-programmed content. There are dynamic and static scenes available for festive days like Independence Day, Anniversary of the Constitution, and Christmas, as well as scenes for special events, concerts, and regular days. The façade illumination starts at the end of the day via the sunrise trigger and stops at midnight, and manual operation is also available via a Glass Touch terminal. By entering a special combination, the Glass Touch is deactivated and the system returns to the sunrise trigger operation. Functionality is monitored by a temperature sensor which automatically switches off the illumination if necessary. Philharmonic Szczecin is the new architectural icon of the city and has been gladly received by its residents.

Used Products

Project Partner

Lighting Designer :Traxon Technologies, Wojciech Mantur
Architect :Alberto Veiga - Estudio Barozzi Veiga
Installer :DLL Partners
Lighting Concept: Anoche
Lighting Solution:OSRAM Poland
Technical Manager: Traxon Technologies, Wojciech Mantur
Technical Direction:Project&Solutions Osram Poland, Marian Okoń
General Contractor:WARBUD S.A.