Traxon develops a smart lighting solution for a historic plaza in Treviso

Treviso, Italy

Piazza Santa Maria dei Battuti in Treviso radiates in new splendour: the new LED lighting concept from Traxon emphasises the cultural importance of the square and showcases the facades of the heritage building in special light. The luminaires are interconnected via wireless RF communication, enabling them to be individually managed and controlled, and supplementary functions such as environment sensors can also be integrated in the future.


Category: Street & Urban
Location: Treviso, Italy
Technology/Services: Luminaires
Year: 2017

Treviso has gained a new urban meeting point in the centre of the city with the redesigned Piazza Santa Maria dei Battuti. The historic plaza that until recently only served as a through-road has now rediscovered its original functionality after many years. The plaza is close to many places of attraction in the historic city centre and is intended to adopt an important strategic role, in particular regarding the planned laying of a pedestrian zone near to Treviso's museums and highly impressive water routes. Not only was the innate history of the location taken into account when upgrading the Piazza Santa Maria dei Battuti; the needs of today's residents, identified as part of a citizens' survey, also flowed into the implementation process, and it is here that the new lighting concept adopts a central role.

The lighting solution is intended to highlight the theatrical impact of the area and its most important architectural elements, and also features the very latest state of technology. The Osram luminaires installed incorporate LED technology with especially low energy consumption as well as radio communication, enabling them to be controlled and managed from a central control room via prespecified scenes. This also allows the system to be enhanced in the future for using an unlimited range of intelligent functions such as environment sensors.

Traxon Washer Allegro AC LED projectors are used for accent lighting and can be controlled by e:cue software. The projectors were individually aligned and highlight the most important architectural elements of the plaza.

The smart lighting system enables various photometric scenes to be designed that are tailor-made for specific events and key moments on the plaza, e.g. parades and festivals, outdoor movie screenings and temporary exhibitions. The system simultaneously remains open for smart functions in the future such as parking space monitoring, options for local marketing solutions and the recording of air quality data.

Used Products

Washer Allegro


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