Radisson Blu Hotel

Frankfurt, Germany

Opened in 2005, the Radisson Blu Hotel in Frankfurt is Europe's only round hotel. Its remarkable structure and facade completely made of glass were designed by London star architect John Seifert, a specialist in the design of hotels and resorts, who dubs his spectacular creation “Blue Heaven”. Located right on the highway into the Frankfurt city center, the hotel which is just shy of 100 meters in height is a spectacular eye-catcher within the Frankfurt skyline.


Category: Outdoor
Location: Frankfurt
Technology: LED
Year: 2014

Another extraordinary element is the blue LED lighting from Traxon, which also allows the Radisson Blu to keep its shape at night. Since the original optical fiber installation could not meet the technical requirements in the long run, it was replaced by an LED solution from Traxon in 2014, which was specifically tailor-made for this complex large-scale project. The slim linear Monochrome Tube LED luminaire is available in cold white and warm white as standard, adding character to facades, walls and corners thanks to its concentrated powerful light. Owing to the size of the project it was possible to specify and implement a separate blue version for the Radisson Blu Hotel. The customer is very excited about the new LED solution from Traxon because the Monochrome Tube Blue meets the highest demands from a technical, ecological and economic point of view. The LED luminaire is bright, extremely energy-efficient and cost-efficient, and exceptionally robust and durable at the same time, which allows it to withstand the most difficult outdoor conditions, particularly the high wind load. The smooth installation process is also worth mentioning, which was completed quickly and easily thanks to long cables and very few feed points.

Used Products

Monochrome Tube


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Project Partner

Architect :John Seiffert, London