Sea Containers House

London, United Kingdom

As part of the redevelopment program for the Sea Containers House, one of London’s most recognisable landmarks, building developer Byrne Group chose to use a lighting and media system installation from Traxon Technologies to enhance and animate by night the building's north façade overlooking the river Thames.


Category: Outdoor
Location: London
Technology: LED
Year: 2014

AC Special Projects Ltd installed over 450 995 mm long, slim profile RGB colour-changing LED Media Tubes, which are mounted end to end in pairs within channels of metalwork between each window on the north façade. IP67-rated and UV resistant, the tubes are constructed to withstand harsh outdoor elements. Cabling from the fixtures runs back to drivers located on platforms halfway up the building façade (level 7). From these drivers, DMX data cabling is connected to control equipment in the building's basement. Special care had to be taken to calculate the maximum number of fixtures that could be powered from each cable run, to avoid a voltage drop-off. From the basement, data is fed to the Media Tubes via a rack of e:cue Video Micro Converters (VMCs), which change DVI to a DMX signal sent from an e:cue Lighting Control Engine 2 FX media server providing control of the large media installation.

The media server output can be set to a specific static colour or range of colours. In addition, low to medium resolution still images or moving video content can be loaded into the media server, to play back onto the facade.

Used Products

Project Partner

Lighting Designer :Isometrix
Architect :TP Bennett