Smart City Beautification

Traxon RGB LED luminaires and e:cue lighting control bring new light and life to Hastings’ historic Bottle Alley

In 2017, the Hastings Borough Council replaced approximately 500 meters of broken lighting in the historic Bottle Alley underpass by modern dynamic LED color lighting. The new OSRAM lighting solution with Traxon LED luminaires and e: cue lighting control has transformed the previously unpleasant place into a new inviting and exciting place.


Category: Street & Urban
Location: United Kingdom
Technology/Services: Luminaires
Year: 2017

Bottle Alley is the 480 meter lower deck of Hastings Promenade that runs between the Hastings Pier and Warrior Square. Named after the countless multicolored pieces of glass bottle embedded in the concrete, Bottle Alley was built in the 1930’s by the town’s borough engineer Sidney Little. Opened in 1934 the design of Bottle Alley was intended to allow visitors to walk along the top during good weather and underneath when it rained.

Over the time, however, the Bottle Alley underpass developed into a problem area with increased antisocial behavior. Due to the new OSRAM LED lighting solution this has totally changed. The residents and visitors of Hastings now come to the promenade with their children and families, and Bottle Alley has become an engaging and once again attractive place, as it was originally intended by the builders.

"Concrete-proof" dynamic LED lighting with Traxon DOTXL6 RGB LED luminaires and e:cue lighting control

The dynamic color LED lighting system was installed in 2017 after extensive concrete repairs and full redecoration of the whole Bottle alley site. 480 meters of Traxon DOTXL6 RGB LED luminaires, each individually programmable, are mounted in a marine grade stainless steel housing with vandal proof diffuser. e:cue LCEmx Server and Butler S2 controllers provide perfect lighting control. In addition to the normal wave motion effect, they enable the simple and flexible programming, selection and playback of a multitude of spectacular light scenarios such as dynamically changing color gradients, rapid "light pursuits" and much more.

The design of the power supply and data distribution was particularly demanding in the Bottle Alley project. Due to the large installation length, the lighting control system was split with control components installed at both ends of the installation.

The Ethernet connection and the forwarding of the DMX signals to the individual strings takes place via fiber optic link. A particularly powerful and sophisticated WLAN solution also enables the customer to log in and control the installation securely and remotely, despite the obstruction caused by the concrete construction.

LED lighting as an effective and efficient means of Smart City Beautification

The main brief of the Hastings Borough Council was to improve the area and reduce the antisocial behavior using light on a very tight budget. The OSRAM Traxon DOT XL LED was the perfect solution. It is extremely cost effective over long distances like in Bottle Alley and gives the client a completely dynamic controllable linear system.

Hannah Brookshaw, member of the Hastings City Council, is thrilled with the new attraction in Hastings: "The dynamic and colorful lighting on Bottle Alley has even changed the way people in Hastings live. The place has not only become much more attractive, but also much safer and livelier now. Young and old, and above all families come here again to go for a relaxed stroll and admire the wonderful light installations.”

LUX Award for best Outdoor Lighting Project 2018

Out of over 50 applications, the Bottle Alley lighting system won the "Outdoor Lighting Project of the Year" award at the prestigious 2018 LUX Awards. In particular, the judges praised its impact on the regeneration of the seafront and the way it engaged the community, transforming the place from an unpleasant, dark walkway that many people avoided, to a fantastic attraction in its own right.

Project Partner

ClientHastings Borough Council
Lighting Design:Traxon, PR Lighting & Hastings Borough Council
Bottle Alley, Hastings
Bottle Alley, Hastings