Young Living Japan Showroom Lounge

Tokyo, Japan

Young Living Essential Oils is world renowned for its essential oils and oil-infused nutritional supplements. The company has recently opened a new showroom in Tokyo, Japan that helps to rediscover peace, balance, and joy. A well-designed, flourishing living wall is featured in the showroom which provides a strong impression of natural life.


Category: Indoor
Location: Tokyo
Technology: LED
Year: 2014

Ten pieces of Traxon Nano Liner XB-27 RGB are used to illuminate the living wall of dried lavender, the most popular fragrant essential oil of the company, that adds additional color and texture that would not go out of fashion. From the sweet aroma to the stimulating fragrance, Young Living offers different products in different color of packaging, so does its lighting design effects. Enabled by e:cue Butler XT2 and Glass Touch T12 user interface, users can play a selection of themed, pre-programmed lighting effects including rainbow color changing and summer breeze, or customizing for various promotions. This project has received numerous awards for its intriguing and inspiring design including JCD Design Award Best 100, DSA Award 2014, and SDA Award 2014.

Used Products

Project Partner

Lighting Designer :Modulex
Interior Designer:KOKUYO FURNITURE Wataru Sato
Flower Coordinator:Sou Atelier
General Contractor:Mitsui Real Estate, Kokuyo Furniture