Youth-and-Culture-Church St. Peter

Frankfurt, Germany

Combining the concepts of “youth culture” and “church culture”, the refurbishment in 2007 transformed the traditional St. Peter church to an event venue dedicated for young people. With the redesign of the church interior by architecture office 54f Darmstadt, the Youth-and-Culture-Church St. Peter offers spaces for church services, Taizé-nights, exhibitions, concerts, parties, street ball tournaments, meditation, open-air events, cabaret and graffiti workshops.


Category: Indoor
Location: Frankfurt
Technology: LED
Year: 2014

While the exterior of the architecture remains the same, a variety of new rooms were built with digital media technology including a multifunctional event hall, seminar rooms, offices, chapel, and a café. The main event hall, equipped with modern light and sound engineering, can be altered its size with textile panels hanging down from the ceiling for various functions. The light installation is controlled by e:cue control solution. After seven years of usage, upgrades on both hardware and software of the control system have bee implemented to ensure reliable operation and better performance. Fulfilling the customer’s needs, two sense GmbH replaced the DMX and sensor inputs of the outdated Media Engine with two new e:cue Butler XT2. The Lighting Application Suite (LAS) software has also been upgraded. All assignments of macros and keys were set up as new. The lighting programs were set up in a test environment for quick transition. The updated control solution meets the technical requirements for running different events with up to 1000 people.

Used Products

Butler XT2


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Project Partner

Technical Direction/Leader/Programming:two sense GmbH