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      Robbert Mak

      Hi everyone.

      How would you achieve the following:
      In a certain scene the values of an RGBW fixture need to be controlled by 4x 0-10v inputs of an Sympl input node.
      What I did so far:
      In that particular scene I put a 2d solid color effect on the timeline. I mapped a colorwheel from the actionpad to that effect. Works.
      In the workflow designer I pulled out the colorwheel block, created 4 faders, converted their output from 100 to 255 with a math block and connected those faders to the Red in/Green in/Blue in/Aplha in of the colorwheel block. It works for the R/G/B but I can not get white to work as I want (only controlling the 4th dmx channel of the fixture instead of functioning as a master).

      There’s probably a better way so if you can help me out, thanks!


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      Andreas Lotz

      Hi Robbert,

      it should work when you add a “Set Property” Block, choose your Effect as “Object” in the “Target Settings” and then choose “White Offset” as “Target Property”.
      Then you can connect the white fader to the “Set Property” Block.
      You cannot control the white channel via the color wheel, they are not made for this.

      Just another hint because some people ar “falling on this trick”:
      If you set values at the input ports of a color wheel and you want to have those values also at the corresponding output ports then you have to uncheck the “Manual Changes Only” Property of the Color Wheel. Same for the faders.

      Best regards,

      Andreas Lotz
      Software Test Engineer

      OSRAM GmbH
      DI DLS EU QM
      Karl-Schurz-Straße 38
      33100 Paderborn, Deutschland

      Mit freundlichem Gruß / best regards,

      Andreas Lotz

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      Robbert Mak

      Thanks that helped.
      Only addition to this is the step where you have to add an identifier to the white parameter and to set the parameter to white offset to get it to work.

      Thanks again andreas!

      Ps: maybe in the future it is possible to combine the red/green/blue/white values in the set object block?

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