Analog Input to DMX

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      Jack Chung

      I looked up all the manual, but no answer I think.

      is it possible to convert one modbus terminal analog input value(0-65536) to assigned dmx channel(0-255) ?

      Thank you.

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      Björn Kruse

      Hi Jack,

      not directly. You have to be able to script to do this.
      It is possible to map it to a Versatile Master through an e:script.

      So the way I’d go:
      – use attached example to map moxa value to a vmaster (adapt it to your needs)
      – call that macro repeatedly (Trigger Every Second, empty cuelist running in a loop, pack in a Suspend() call, etc.)
      – use the vmaster where you need it (Master of a DeskChannel, cuelist submaster, etc.)

      If you really need to change a dmx channel, it is easiest to use the Versatile Master as Extra Submaster in a cuelist. And put a single DeskChannel at 100% into that cuelist.

      hope that helps,

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