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      is there anybody that has a working blackout flash function? On the GrandMA for example is a “blackout” button, that shuts all unprotected deviced as long as the button is held. I do not want to stop all cuelists but set certain parameters for certain devices to zero. Certain parameters only because if all were set to zere movingheads would possibly move even if I only wanted to blackout the light ( or close the shutter). I am very thankful for every anwer since I have been looking and trying for quite some time now. Cheers

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      what about a usual button, set State Control to Push, Action#1 is Set Intensity, GrandMaster, 0% and Action#2 is Set Intensity, GrandMaster, 100% ?

      In Cuelist Properties, you can use “Grandmaster and submaster influence” to control which type of channels the master affects.

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      Thats a pretty neat idea. I was about to start a new setup anyway and can define the cuelists ahead in order to make it work. Thanks a lot!

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