butler Pro e:pix is used in LAS


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      tao xinzhen

      Hello everyone

      I want to know whether the Butler Pro e:pix device can be used in LAS software. I can use it normally in sympholight and patchlor software(online), but it displays “non working、invalid device” in Las software, as shown in the figure,i have set it to DMX output mode in settings.

      In addition, the latest firmware I downloaded on the official website cannot be upgraded successfully, only the earliest Butler pro_ REL_ V1_ 0_ Version 0011 can be used.


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      Björn Kruse


      the Programmer application does not support e:pix, so any e:pix device will not work in Programmer.
      Patchelor, EmotionFX and Sympholight support e:pix devices.

      All Butler PRO are delivered with the latest firmware, no need to update.
      In your case, you have a Butler PRO with a little older hardware chip. For those Butler PRO, firmwares 1.0.xxx are appropriate. The 1.0.11 is the latest firmware for your device.
      All firmwares 3.0.xxx are for Butler PRO with newer hardware revision.
      (Functionally, they are 100% same and compatible.)

      Hope that helps, Björn

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      tao xinzhen

      I got it. Thank you very much

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