Control Butler S2 DMX channels directly from third party

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      AVIT Engineer

      We are using 46x e:cue Butler S2 with Sympholight to control led floor panels. This all works fine when using scenes loaded into Sympholight.
      We now have a need to directly address and control the DMX channels from a third party application (C# windows application) – is this something that is possible using Sympholight as a controller? or is it possible to directly connect to a Butler and send it commands to effect the DMX output?

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      Christoph Paduch

      One quick Question:
      Do you need this for dynamic lighting or for functional lighting?

      SYMPHOLIGHT can accept UDP commands.
      And in Version V5.0 there is a way to script DMX channels.
      UDP could be a bottleneck, so I would use this solution for functional lighting, only.

      There is no direct solution to route DMX values from other applications or devices through SYMPHOLIGHT to Butler or SYMPL dmx Nodes.

      An easy to implement hardware solution could be the new SYMPL bridge Node. Just ask our Sales team.

      Kind regards / Freundliche Grüße
      Christoph Paduch

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