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      Good day…

      I admit right off the start that we are very much behind the times here. When we moved to our present location, we had the ECUE module installed in our receptionist front desk. Ever since it has been turned on and displays a solid color of red in her reception area main panel. Fine.
      I have now decided to try to implement some changes to that color red…like use the panel the way it was supposed to be used. However, I have NO idea on what to do.
      We had software version EcueLightingAppSuite55SR2 and I have since downloaded 55SR3.

      I cannot find a user manual to give me guidance on how to use this software. javascript:editor.insertSmilie(‘:bang:’)
      I cannot find a user manual on how to hook up the module I have to a PC so I could (eventually) make color changes to the panel (or whatever other delights await us).javascript:editor.insertSmilie(‘:bang:’)

      I really have NO CLUE as to what I’m doing. Any guidance or pointers or even a starting point would be greatly appreciated. javascript:editor.insertSmilie(‘:roll:’)

      Thank you.javascript:editor.insertSmilie(‘:oops:’)


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      Hy Dyrek,
      first of all: Welcome to the Forum and to e:cue

      There are some points I can tell you:
      1) Try the “HELP” in the menu. There are the manuals. You must read them first.
      2) You can have any color on the panel (Glas Touch?) if the color is RED.
      3) on you can find more informations.
      4) don´t touch the system! Read the Manual before!
      5) Try to find out who install the system and ask them for help.
      6) dont touch the system! Read and understand the Manual before!

      And yes, you are a little behind the times, but this is not a really problem because the system works. The actual version of e:cue is 7.0, but: see point 4 + 6

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      Hello Dyrek, where are you guys located?
      I have to support kuni here, if you dont know what you are doing, don’t touch the system. There are great tutorials an youtube and see the built in manuals for help. If your current system runs on LAS 5.5, you should eeep it there for another second because just switching versions might result in unwanted side effects, especially for beginners.


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