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      We have about 40 ETC S4 LED lustre fixtures in our main exhibition hall, and I would like to create or add a fixture to Sympholight that more or less matches the ETC S4, to make it easy to program the light in Sympholight. It’s going to be used to create different moods and scenes, much like you would use a led-bar or other led color sources.

      When I’m trying to ad a custom fixture that I made in the LAS library editor, I’m having some trouble. I can create a tile-fixture a get it to appear in the Devices library, but not an ordinary fixture. And getting the right mapping of the colors and the right number of dmx-channels in the (user/tile/manufacturer/) fixture, is also not straight forward, at least to me. I wish it was more clear what fixture specifications Sympholight supports and what not.

      But in short: How do I create a custom 8 channel fixture with 7 color channels + 1 intensity channel? And are there any way to use ordinary (not tile) fixtures in Sympholight?

      All the best

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      Christoph PaduchChristoph Paduch

      Hello Mikkel

      In the Library Editor you can create Tiles or Fixtures.
      Both will be displayed in SYMPHOLIGHT, when they can be supported.

      Fixtures that do not offer any supported channels are shown in the Log File of SYMPHOLIGHT.
      To access the log file click the “Open Logs” button on the low right corner of the window.
      Select the corresponding log file and open it with a text editor.
      At the beginning there is a list of not supported fixtures.
      –> Check if your fixture appears in that list.

      If you want to know how to create and configure a fixture, please refer to the Help file of the Library Editor. You can use the shortcut F1, when the Library Editor is open and selected.

      In the LAS System Manual in Chapter 41 “The Library Editor” you will also find some helpful information. Access the System Manual with shortcut F1, when the Programmer is open and selected.

      In short:

      • take the user library
      • create the manufacturer, if not done yet
      • create a fixture
      • configure the channels
      • save the user library
      • restart SYMPHOLIGHT, that libs can be read again

      And do not forget to check the fixture forum, if there is a fixture profile already existing.

      If you still have issues, just answer to this comment.

      I hope this will help.

      Freundliche Grüße / Kind regards

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      Thank you for your answer!

      I’ve already tried some of your suggestions, but the info about the log and the fixture forum are very helpfull and I’ll have a look at it.

      I’ll let you now if I succeed or not.

      All the best.

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      I’ve more or less been able to get it to work, with a couple of tweaks.

      I add the 7 color channels in the Library editor, and substitute the channel for the ‘Indigo’ led with another blue channel, so now I have two blue channels.

      I also had to replace the intensity channel (channel 8) with a second white color channel, because fixtures with intensity channels don’t show up in Sympholight.

      So now the channel layout is:
      Red – 1
      White – 2
      Amber – 3
      Green – 4
      Cyan – 5
      Blue – 6
      Blue – 7
      White – 8

      When I adjust the levels on one of the blue channels, the other blue channel changes as well. I think the same goes for the two white channels as well, but I haven’t tested it yet. This is of course not optimal, but it can work. I didn’t have much time to test, so I’ll probably have to see if I can get around this issue in some other way.

      But this leads me to a couple of suggestions:
      It would be nice if Sympholight supported DMX intensity channels.
      It would also be nice if I could add custom color channels, but that’s a minor issue, and would implicate that I would have to add a color code or select color with a color picker or color wheel, if the color of the fixture should match the color in the scene editor in Sympholight.

      I won’t be able to do any further testing until Wednesday next week. But let me know if there are any suggestions or ways I can improve the fixture layout. Then I’ll try it out next week.

      Kind regards

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      Christoph PaduchChristoph Paduch

      Hello Mikkel

      The current implementation of SYMPHOLIGHT supports fixtures that have Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, White, Warm White and Cold White channels.
      A mix of Color Faders and Intensity faders is not supported.
      Also fixtures that only consist of Intensity faders are not supported.
      Fixtures are grouped automatically. When they support colors, they are Color Faders, when they support intensity, they are Intensity Faders.
      When they have both, like the S4 LED LUSTR does, they are not supported.

      Now you have the following options:
      – You can decide to use the S4 LED “High Impact” operation mode that will accept RGB and will be supported by Sympholight, except Strobe and Fan Control.
      (I added the …RGB.xml file that will contain an example configuration of the fixture for the fixture editor.)
      – You can decide to use the Programmer, that will support all channels.
      (Here I also added a configuration of the fixture for the “direct” personality.)
      – You can try to work around, but unfortunately I do not have experience with this kind of workarounds.

      I hope this helps.

      Freundliche Grüße / Kind regards

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