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      Robbert Mak


      I would like to create a group submaster to easily limit max levels of a group, either with a fader in the actionpad or controlling it via analog inputs (wind is to fast, we receive a signal from the windmeter, and set the groupsubmaster to a certain level).

      How would you approach this?



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      Christoph Paduch

      Hello Robbert
      I would create a sequence for each group, that needs a group submaster. These sequences have higher priority than the other sequences. All these sequences need to loop without fading. They need to be started on Project Initialization.
      Such a sequence has a solid Color black effect. The sequence master is now the inverted group submaster.
      When set to 100% the outpout of the group is black, when set to 0% you see the sequences with lower priority.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards / Freundliche Grüße
      Christoph Paduch

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      Robbert Mak

      Thanks, will try that.

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