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      Hello guys,
      Currently I am having difficulties with the Current LAS version on my 4k Display. Most icons, menu-topics and sliders are not being displayed correctly. I tried changing the standard programme resolution within the programme itself but couldnt find the right text file.
      I dont want to reduce my display resolution since the amount of data is a lot better to handle on a 4K display rather than just a full-HD display.

      Thanks in advance and cheers!

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      Hi Christopher,

      if the text size is the root cause, then changing the OS text DPI might help. Of course this is only a workaround.
      I filed a bug report about this, thanks for the hint.

      Best Regards,

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      Hey Björn,
      I just attached a screenshot to maybe clarify my problem. It´s not only the text size but also icons and layout i would guess.

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      Can you please try the following and let us know about the results?

      Right-click on the Programmer icon and select “Properties”->”Compatibility Mode”.
      Here you can disable the automatic scaling for high DPI values.

      Thanks and bests,

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      I tried playing around with all compatibility settings but the result is still unchanged. Also, using auto settings for Win 7 / 8 / older make no difference.
      A possible – yet slower – workaround is using a vitual machine or in case a terminal server is available, accessing the programmer via RDP, in case someone is having similar problems and need to acces the programmer.

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      I found a little workaround for the compatibility problem.

      Reducing the screen resolution to 1920 x 1980 pixels and disabling the windows auto scaling options and then restarting the computer with said settings helps. The program is then displayed correctly. When switching back to 4k resolution and keeping the auto scaling disabled works fine, too, with the positive side effect of having more space within the programmer, which is great for large cuelist sets and visualizations.

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