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      Strange stuff that I need help to straighten out:
      – "IsTwilight==0" equals that it _is_ twilight, "IsTwilight==1" equals that it is _not_ twilight, reverse logic?
      – "Sunset" and "IsDark" is the same time. "Sunset" and "Dark" is not the same in the real world. Here in Sweden we have TwilightAM, Sunrise, Daylight, Sunset, TwilightPM, and Dark. Is this a bug or a feature?
      – It appears to be no difference between TwilightAM and TwilightPM, It’s not possible to detect if it is the AM or PM twilight, bug or feature?

      Suggestions to imrpove the macro language:
      – NiceTime should be possible to use to read the sunset/noon/twilight/isDark data. This would be useful
      when I want to calculate time IsBefore a "IsTwilight", or have I missed some feature??
      – SetSubMaster(QueList,Value; Add optional command SetSubMaster(Quelist, Value, FadeTime);

      Any suggestions how to work around the bug/features?

      /Stefan Gemzell

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