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      e:cue Programmer V3.3 has a hidden feature, which is not mentioned in the manual: You can create a HTML-Help file with the current instruction set reference for the macro language by the following commands:

      Go to the ‘File’ menu, select ‘Export’ / ‘Show script as textfile…’.

      Then select a directory (e.g. your desktop) end enter help.html as filename. Then have a look for your desktop and open the file help.html with your browser by a double click. 😉

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      I’d like to have a macro language help file, but 3.6 doesn’t do this trick. Any sugestions on how to get help on macro’s?

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      Oliver Link

      From Programmer V3.5, you can find the Help file without any tricks in the Menu "?" –> Macro Language reference"…
      happy debugging 🙂

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