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      Recently I got AKAI APC mini to upgrade my work with ECue.
      The controller by default have three-color feedback on buttons, which works when used with Ableton Live.
      Still I don’t need more than on/off on them, but don’t know is it possible to make them work with ECue.
      So, I would like to ask, if any of you have any experience with use of MIDI controllers(maybe that one) and making them work for you(give you feedback), to give me advice.
      For instance VMasters have feedback option…

      Also I have one more question…
      Is it possible to have Push trigger on MIDI properties when editing triggers or is there a way to use MIDI buttons with Push?
      On AP buttons we can select Push or Toggle or else.

      ATM I’ve placed AKAI controller picture on AP and placed my buttons over it, so I can track what I use. Will work in time when I remember all positions, but will be hard for others which use it and also I want more things on screen than just my controller options(8×8 plus 17 others).


      I work with LAS 6.1

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      even in V6.1 there are MIDI learn and feedback functions. You first need to add a Generic Midi Interface in Programmer > Device Manager (Dongle / 1 Credit needed).

      Then in V-Master properties, push MIDI Learn button, on APC mini change a fader and it should map Channel and Controller automatically. Activate “Feedback” to enable Programmer to send V-Master changes back to your Midi device.

      For a push button, you can react to Midi Note On (press) and to Midi Note Off (release), which shall mimic a push-button well.

      Although I have to admit that I personally have no experience with AKAI APC.

      Hope that helps,

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      For a push button, you can react to Midi Note On (press) and to Midi Note Off (release), which shall mimic a push-button…

      that part helped

      Still that part with lighting the buttons on/off, will keep my interest…

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        Henrik Wardeck

        Hi, I know it is a few years ago… but I have the same problem now. I am looking for a solution to activate the APC’s button leds. Does anyone have a solution? maybe a makro for that?

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