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      I’ve a strange problem. I’ve a Butler XT2 (with a glass touch T12) working 24/7 since 4 years, no problem until now. But since three weeks, each Tuesday at 9PM, he switches off everything… 😮

      Do you have any idea?

      Thanks, Regards,


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      Hello Franco,
      That sounds like a trigger rule OR an e:script command OR an external trigget on the butler xt.
      Which triggers are set up, what kind of escript is being ececuted and do you have I/Os on the xt?
      Is it standalone or do you have a programmer Instance running on a pc?

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      Hello Christopher,

      Thanks for your reply. The system is stand alone. 1 Bulter XT2, 1 glass touche T12, 1 output DMX used.
      All my I/O are empty (with no action on it).
      I’ve only actions on the glass touch (see picture).
      I’ve no action on any cue or cuelist.
      My trigger list is empty.

      I’m really disappointed. The system works every day and is used from 6am to 10pm. And this since 4 years. So why this stop each Tuesday night since a few weeks.

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      Hello Laurent,

      this in fact seems to be a bit strange. There was never an issue in the XT2 or its firmware that causes this misbehavior, but often is some kind of configuration responsible for such things.
      In your case, only the GT12 power buttons seems to be configured to trigger a “all off”.

      For example via the Glass Touch, infrared / remote control could be received.
      Or the GT12 is erroneously giving a command (because of a water drop on the capacitive touch buttons)?
      You could disconnect the CT12 on Tuesday 20:58 for 5 mins to exclude this as cause.

      As you have no Triggers configured, you can change the clock of the XT2 by one our and see if it changes. Then clearly a time trigger was exported (or at least it relates to the date/time of the XT2).

      Or a weekly test of a UPS could be the cause. Sorry if this sounds like a dump explanation, but wie had such issues in the past.
      Can you observe the display and status LEDs of the XT2 at that time? What does it display? Any error message?
      What is the firmware version of the device?

      Hope that helps,

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      Hello Björn,

      In fact, your different proposals are really interesting. I was really confused by the problem and I had no idea where to start.

      Now, I’ve different tests to do.



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