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      I’d like to make a simple fixed color scene by LD+ with RGBW fixtutre.
      For example, each parameter is just blue 100%, Red 0%, Green 0% and White 0%.

      I tried x2 but I couldn’t set this.
      how can I make it ?

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      Hi, did you set the Lightdrive+ to the RGBW Mode =
      For Universe 1 = Dip Switch 1= Off, 2 = On,
      For Universe 2 = Dip Switch 3= Off, 4 = On,
      Also for the advanced programming mode, the “Tone enable” and
      “Save Scenes” DIP switches have to be set to the “on” position. Means Dip Switch 8 and 10 to On.
      Restart the device and select the Zone you want to work on.

      -Keep touching the Scene (1) button until you hear a signal
      sound. (top Button) Keep it touched.
      -Now touch the Tone Button, (lower Button) keep both touched
      together for at least five seconds.
      – Two beep sounds signal entering this programming
      mode and all bars and LEDs will blink two times.

      Now you can free create your Scene:

      Step 1: Select the channel types for RGBW (Scene 1 LED is alight) If you want to set only blue 100% please use Step 2 White Channel Off, RGB only, or 13 RGB+W (color cycle with adjustable white level)
      = Step 1: White channel only, RGB off
      Step 2: White channel off, RGB only
      Step 3: RGB, 100% White (fixed channel value)
      Step 4: RGB, 10% White (fixed channel value)
      Step 12: RGB, 90% White (fixed channel value)
      Step 13: RGB+W (color cycle with adjustable white level)

      Step 2: Select the effect block size (Scene 2 LED is alight)

      Step 3: Select the color (Scene 3 LED is alight)

      Step 4: Select the color phase (Scene 4 LED is alight)

      Step 5: Select effect speed (Scene 5 LED is alight)

      Step 6: Define dimming level (Scene 6 LED is alight)

      Step 7: Assign to settings to scene (all Scene button LED are alight)


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