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      First, Thanx for the nice new features in the MacroLanguage….very usefull !
      SetCueProperty etc… Very handy in a Live situation !
      Even though it seems pretty straightforward I’ve ran into a little problem.

      When setting CuePropeties through macros the "screen" doesn’t update with the new values before
      I press the "ClearProgrammer" button….
      And, yes…I’ve tried adding the proClear(); in the macro…doesn’t work.

      Is there a better and smarter way of doing it ?…a way of keeping the screen up to date….?
      maybe something that includes "AutoText" ?…. or… ScreenRefresh();…… 😉 😉
      ….. wondering….

      Thanx in advance !
      Take care,

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      It’s much fun for me to see that are more and more users getting familar to the e:cue macro language e:Script! But you seem to be right, there’s actually a problem with screen refresh in the new commands. I think you’re talking about the cue windows which isn’t updated when changing some que properties, right?


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      Yeah, you’re right…the scrpting language is such a strong feature that, even though I’ve done 300+ liveshows with my setup, theres still a lot of things to learn and experiment with !
      Keep up the good inspiring work !

      And yes, I am talking about the CueWindows. I’ve dona a macro that changes the properties, and it only updates the screen when I press "ClearProg" or "Untouch button….
      I’ve been fiddeling with "SendKeyMesaage"… but without luck, since I only can get acces to terminals…
      not the keyboard.

      So, a " ScreenUpdate(); " or similar would be nice 😉

      The non-updating screen also happens if I use apSetItemText to change the names in the ActonPad dynamically, as I choose the cuelist.
      Basicly its a macro tha reads all cuenames in the chosen cuelist and display them in the buttons in the ActionPad….By choosing another Cuelist, I get new names…
      There are still a bit of a way with this macro since I cant trigger the macro with the choosebutton.

      Another idea for a future version would be to make it possible to assign F1-F10 on my #2 faderunt
      as key 11-10… So Its possible to assign trigger 1 – 20 to buttons, insted of 1-10, 2 times….

      Take care and Enjoy !


    • #226106

      Hi John,

      thanks for reporting.
      Fixed: Cuelist window update after RecordCue, DeleteCue, SetCueProperty. Will be available for download soon.
      apSetItemText: Can not find out what you mean. IMHO apSetItemText works fine.

    • #226107

      Brilliant, Thanx !

      FYI I’ve copied a short beta version of the code, maybe there’s a better way.
      Coz’ with this code apSetItemText doesn’t update the ActionPad before I press "ClearProg"
      //Find CueName in chosen Cuelist and display in actionpad
      string cuelistname, cuename1;
      int cuelist;

      cuelist=val(midstr(AutoText("<cuelist current>"),0,99));
      cuelistname = GetCuelistName(cuelist);
      cuename1 = GetCueName(cuelist,0);

      //Write in MAINwindow
      printf("Cueliste er %dn",cuelist+1);
      printf("Cuelistenavn er %sn",cuelistname);
      printf("Cue 1 er %sn", cuename1);

      //Write in ActionPad

      Hope this brings light to the subject.

      Take care !


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