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      Tom Claessen

      We are working on an project for a customer.
      This contains RGB LED lighting which we controls using Action Pad, we’re using a Core S and a DMX Node.
      One of the needed functionality is de speed control of the sequences (about 6 preprogrammed effects).
      We’ve made a horizontal fader on the Action Pad but can’t find a way to link this to the sequence speed.
      Is this even possible?
      Looking forward to your reply.

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      Christoph Paduch

      Hello Tom
      the Timeline works with a fix speed. There is no way to influence this speed.

      Some of the effects have properties that may influence the velocity of the effect itself. You can access these properties with the workflow. There you can get the values from the fader convert those and set the Effect Property with the Object / Set Property block in the workflow.

      I hope, this helps.

      Kind regards / Freundliche Grüße
      Christoph Paduch

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