Start a random cuelist

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      Sometimes you may want to create a show which is a litte bit unpredictable about it’s behaviour. So you need random elements inside your show. The following examples could be used inside a macro but also via the action ‘Exec Command’.

      The following command would start a random cuelist within the range Cuelist#13 … Cuelist#24:


      Another idea would be to jump to a random cue inside of a cuelist:

      GotoCue(1-1, random(GetCueCount(1-1)), 0);

      You may wonder why I writing 1-1 instead of 0? The macro interpreter most times counts things beginning with 0, so the Cuelist#1 is identified inside the macro language by number 0 and the first cue in a cuelist has number 0 too. The "1-1" makes the code litte bit more readable. 😉

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