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      Anssi Mäkinen


      I`m new to Sympholight, and setting up show with master sequence with astronomical trigger (calendar), which works –
      are there a trigger to make a sequence appear over that once in a hour in a day, let`s say every hour between 10am. to 10 pm.?

      The time condition doesnt`s slice to hours, only gives an option with days. Is there a trigger / macro for that?

      The only option I`ve thought is to make a ultra long sequence, but that feels like bad programming 😀


      Anssi / Finland

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      Christoph PaduchChristoph Paduch

      Hello Anssi

      I have thought a little about this and found the following solution:

      We start with two time triggers, one for switching on and initializing the hourly Trigger and one for switching off.
      And we use a “Multi Toggle Delay” block for the generation of the hourly event.
      This has the advantage that we can decide, which Retrigger behavior to use.

      The “Value” block and “Write Logbook Message” block at the bottom show, that the event is fired.

      I hope this will help you to understand how to trigger with the workflow.

      Freundliche Grüße / Kind regards

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