Timecode from internal media player

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      I have posted this to German’s Forum yesterday accidentally.
      Hello, I am using version 6.1. I had created a QL and want to play automatically via the timecode. Based on my experience when I was using Version 5.x. The QL will receive a timecode when a play a video file at hr VLC. I have no idea why I cannot do it again. Did I forget anything?
      Attached my test show for reference.

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      Hello Sam,
      have you tried using the sequencer? I cannot see your show, no file is attached but depending on your intention your possibly better off with the sequencer.

      Or you might use the trigger funtion?

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      Hello Christopher,

      Thank you for your reply. I have quoted the menu about Timecode from internal media player below:

      << Internal Media Player: as soon as a media file is played back in the internal media player timecode is automatically generated.>>

      I did this when I was using V5.X. In the Cue Properties dialog. When I choose “Timecode” in the Control, I can synchronize my lighting cue and a video very easy.

      Does my Dongle to old and unable to got full function on V6.1?

      I had clicked “Attach file” and chose it, I don’t know why this file did not be attached. Maybe I am a new register. Anyway, I do it again this time.

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      Hello Sam,

      maybe filesize is too large for this forum?
      Feel free to send it to my email and we will have a look. Eventually ZIP it, I guess our company mailbox handles up to 10-15 MB without problems.

      If you upgraded from V5.x to V6.x, you have to do Application-wide settings again, they are stored separately for each version.

      Best regards,

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