To many Sympholight errors!

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      Frederik Borello

      We have used Sympholight for a very important project of ours, and the client is very unsatisfied that the new system has crashed after just two days of use. In the Core S the LED (error/status) was blinking and we had to cut off the power to get the system up and running again. How often will this happen and why does this happen?

      Is it possible to get a hard-wired signal if the system crashes?

      We can see that it is possible to run another Core S as backup, but we just found out that our extra Core S module is out of order – the reset bottom does not work and it is not possible to connect to it by Sympolight.

      We use ArtNet-nodes in the system and have bought credits for this. If we can get a new Core S module that works and want to use this as a backup, will we then have to buy extra credits for this?

      When we set up the system one of the input modules had a defect that messed up the logic we had programmed – after we replaced the module the logic worked.

      Overall it does not seem to be a very reliable system to work with, and we will properly use another system in the future if we can’t find a solution in a rush.

      Is it possible to contact your support by phone?

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      Christoph Paduch

      Hello Frederik

      I see, that you got already in touch with a colleague.
      In case of technical issues, I recommend to ask our local partner.
      If they cannot help, please send an email to .
      In your case Henning did this already and opened a ticket for you.
      So we will use this ticket for further processing.

      Kind regards / Freundliche Grüße
      Christoph Paduch

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