Trouble getting a double xt2 setup in stand alone mode

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      Gael Sarris

      I’m having trouble with my setup. In online mode it’s working fine and can export the showfile to the Xt2’s but once I turn off the PC, the T12 nor the button box trigger the cues in the xt2. I’ve tried to find the anser in the forum but the links don’t work.
      Could you please help me out with this problem?

      – 2x Xt2’s to controle 300+ dot pixels and a few moving head washes and fixed par zoom led fixtures spread over 4 universes.
      – T12 glass touch panel,
      – Remote button box connected to the 8 inputs of the Xt2.

      Best regards,

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      Björn Kruse

      Hi Gael,

      in Standalone Mode, the XT2 works a little different.

      Each cuelist is rendered as a stream of DMX frames and stored on the SD card. When you play a cueliste in standalone mode, it simply replays that stream. The XT2 has limited CPU capacity, which enabled us to implement a little on top (like max. 8 Cuelists are mixed HTP at the same time, Faders can be used, Mutual Exclude Groups, etc.). What does not work is addressing single Cues. So the Action “Goto Cue” for example will not work. Not sure what exactly you use in your show, but it could be that you use cues, Goto Cue action and MANAUAL cues, which are not supported standalone.

      Triggers like Glass Touch buttons or the dry contacts of XT2 work.
      In Device Manager, the T12 has to be drag ‘n dropped onto the XT2, so it will appear as a tree node under the XT2. Then its button actions will be exported.

      During export, have a look at the export log. It states if you use Actions or Triggers which are not supported.

      Hope that helps, Björn

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