Vari Lite Issues

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      I am using a system with Vari Lite VL3000 and VLX and other fixtures.
      Using Original Butlers for DMX output

      We keep getting Cyan Color wheel errors on the VL3000 but when we try to fix the problem does not appear to be on the lights,

      We have noticed that this problem only appears when using e:Cue, When we use the same system with the Grand MA console we have not errors,

      Wondering if anyone else has seen any problems

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      Hi any update of the problem? Can you describe the error more precisely? What exactly happens with the CYAN wheel. All VL with the same issue? Is there the possibility to close a DMX booster / splitter just behind the butler? Pin assignment is correct. So RJ-45 pin 1 orange / white = DMX -, pin 2 orange = DMX +, and pin3 green / white = Gnd, But it is strange if there are only issue with the CYAN channel. Which LAS/ Programmer Version you are using? Best Regards,

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