Virtual Dimming for RGBFaders

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      I have a large number of RGBFaders in a system wherein I would like to control color and intensity separately. To be specific, I would like to have one master cuelist to control colors throughout the venue while maintaining separate intensity control over a number of separate zones. Is there a way to construct a profile that will take RGB values from one cuelist and dim them from another, while still only being patched to 3 DMX channels (as the fixtures don’t have a separate dimming channel)?

      Many thanks,

      Chris Brague

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      two cuelists on the same DMX channel are either mixed HTP (the higher value is taken) or LTP (the last played cuelist will be taken).
      You can try with cuelists with LTP. Or with cuelists with different Priorities. Both in Cuelist Properties.

      Versatile Masters are the way to go when you need one Master on a group of fixtures or channels. But here, you need two layers of groups to be dimmed by a master (first group = all channels with same color, second group = all fixtures in one zone). For one part you can use the standard “Extra Submaster” feature, for the other you need scripting.

      I have something similar, which I could adapt to an example for you in a few minutes, see attached.

      The concept should be clear and everything should be easy to be extended/adapted to your show/setup.

      Hope that helps,

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