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      I’ve been moving some of the windows around in order to optimize my workspace in sympholight 3.0, but have somehow managed to close the windows. Now a sympholight icon on the Windows 10 taskbar all that’s left of sympholight. I’m not able to open anything or get access to any menus etc. or view the project I’m work on.

      How do I get sympholight back to normal? Are there any way to reset or delete the current workspace settings? I’ve tried to reinstall, but it’s still the same.

      Hope you can help me out.


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      Some additional info:

      I’m on the current version 3.0, and I’m able to access some of the menus using keyboard shortcuts. E.g alt + t, Enter opens the settings menu, alt + v, Enter in order to reset the window. Unfortunately I can’t see any way to reset the workspace layout this way.

      If I open version 2.1 everything is in the right place.

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      Christoph PaduchChristoph Paduch

      Hello Mikkel

      I suppose, you have dragged the main window outside the visible area.
      This is a common Windows problem.
      Try the following:
      Hover over the SYMPHOLIGHT icon:
      Right click on the preview pane.
      Then you have the choices to move (German: Verschieben) or to Maximize (German: Maximieren).
      With “maximize” you might have instant success, but with “move” it is possible to move the window back to the visible area.

      When you have a main window and you miss some SYMPHOLIGHT panes, please try the Shortcut Alt+V, Enter.
      This will reset the view settings in SYMPHOLIGHT.

      I hope this helps

      Freundliche Grüße / Kind regards

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      Thank you for your reply.

      I guess you’re right, that the window got lost off screen. I didn’t have succes with the maximize shortcut.
      I got it in another way however. I usually have a secondary monitor attached to my laptop, when I’m working on projects or editing. When I changed the attached monitor to my primary display in the display settings menu, the sympholight workspace came back on screen.

      All the best…


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