Traxon & e:cue - <br>The power of dynamic LED lighting

Traxon & e:cue -
The power of dynamic LED lighting

The smart way to make your project spark excitement

Flexibility, simplicity and innovation

Traxon Technologies, together with its control brand e:cue, is the OSRAM business that delivers advanced dynamic LED lighting solutions to enrich urban life.

Traxon lighting solutions turn cityscapes into vibrant centers of cultural activity, highlighting buildings, structures, spaces and monuments, while creating atmosphere, directing attention and communicating visually. From simple and functional to highly sophisticated and artistic, our expertise and professional execution ensure that your vision becomes a reality with Traxon’s state-of-the-art LED luminaires, hardware and software.

Get the facts about the full range of Traxon and e:cue products in our Traxon product overview

Sympholight 3.0 combines both worlds now even more powerful.

Dynamic and functional lighting control with just one software

With the implementation of various features for the control of functional lighting in Sympholight 3.0 you are now ready to define layouts, control and supervise light installations for complete buildings.

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