Lighting solutions for convenience stores

OSRAM also offers perfect lighting solutions especially for convenience stores, which are in no way inferior to those for hypermarkets in terms of efficiency, attractiveness and individuality.

The perception and concept of convenience stores have changed in the last decades. Convenience stores are nowadays not just small supermarkets, but places where people like to stay, meet people and enjoy good food. New modern formulas have been developed, in which "convenience" not only expresses the idea of ​​"economic purchase", but also reflects the latest trends in terms of "life convenience“.

These new convenience store formats take into account the needs of modern urban life, especially in the inner cities:

Some provide a small restaurant and take-away counters to enjoy a fresh tasteful meal during the lunch time. Others offer opportunities to taste wines and beers along with local food specialties. Sushi bars and vegan corners also satisfy the needs of those who want to taste fresh international food or prefer a vegetarian diet. Many convenience stores also offer space to eat and work at the same time. Sophisticated, elegant interiors make it possible here to meet people from early morning to late evening, and even to organize work meetings. And others again present a mixture of market and shop where you can have lunch and also do some basic shopping afterwards.

OSRAM can offer you the perfect lighting solutions for these new convenient shopping and consumption worlds, especially for elegant and brilliant interiors, as well as connectivity services and solutions. We have special flexible light systems for convenience stores that can be adapted to low ceilings and also offer the possibility of recessed installation. In addition, we are able to reproduce for you the same "great" solutions as they are used for large supermarkets and shopping centers. Whether efficient, attractive, unique or a perfect combination: Discover new perspectives for sustainable and successful lighting with OSRAM Lighting Solutions.

Gastronomy & take-away

  • Prepared food, local cuisine
  • People can order food for take-away or eat comfortably in the lounge area

Highlight products for gastronomy & take away

Meat, bakery & fresh corner

  • Attractive, appetizing food
  • High CRI + special colors for food
  • See «food counters» in supermarket

Highlight products for meat, bakery & fresh corner

Showcases & food aisles

  • Small & fast purchases
  • Changing local products
  • Quality food
  • Small & short aisles

Highlight products for Showcases & food aisles

Entrance & cashier area

  • Small cash desks (with wall shelves)
  • See supermarket

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Wine & beer corner

  • Place for the tasting of wine or beer along with food
  • Appetizer + happy hours corner

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Coffee, sushi bar & vegan corner

  • Place for breakfast, work break
  • Delicious international specialties
  • Some convenience stores also offer vegan corners

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Restaurant area “Lounge”

  • Comfortable and elegant space
  • “Eat & Meet", meeting space and working area
  • “Young & busy" environment
  • Focused lighting supports better concentration and inspiring atmosphere
  • Top food experience

Highlight products for restaurant area lounge

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