Lighting solutions for shopping centers

OSRAM is the perfect and complete solution provider for every lighting application in shopping centers.

The right lighting is also a key factor for the attractiveness and success of any shopping center. It has to arouse attention, support orientation and allow for safe movement of customers – and should also shine in terms of efficiency, longevity and profitability for the operator of the center.

A shopping center is a homogeneous complex of buildings specially designed for many commercial activities: from retail shops to single specialized stores, temporary outlets, supermarket, DIY store, cinema, restaurants, banks, hairstylists, gyms, news papers, bookshops, etc. The building extension requires interconnecting walkways and stairways that enable customers to walk from unit to unit and between different functional spaces. Large halls welcome customers and distribute them in the various zones of the shopping center. Cafes, restaurants and multimedia relax and entertain people during the shopping day. Shopping centers are also an important place for any kind of events and spectacles that attract many people, such as concerts, cabaret and entertainment in general. OSRAM is the perfect complete solution provider for any application.

Attract & excite

Your chance to arouse curiosity


Whether passers-by feel tempted or encouraged to enter your shopping center depends on how it presents itself. An effectively-lit facade and beautifully decorated and illuminated shop fronts will make people want to enter and take a closer look. Whether you sell fashion or cosmetics, food or medicine, household supplies or furniture, consumers will be attracted to your business by good lighting that makes your products look promising and your shop inviting. A dynamic control system can add a special note to your front street facade by changing focus periodically or fading singular items in and out. OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers a broad range of lighting and control devices and software as well as the expertise to help you present your building to the outside world in the most appealing fashion.

Highlights Products for Facade

Light Management SystemsLuminaires
SympholightLiner Quattro
SYMPLWasher Quattro
e:cue Butler S2

Shopfront & Windows

The illumination of shopfronts and windows should focus on attracting customers and leading them into the shop, as the shopfront is the calling card of what is inside. Windows present the best pieces or the best collection of the shop, goods have to be emphasized and illuminated in the right way. Windows also turn into places of interaction, where shopkeepers can “talk” with customers and send messages via proximity marketing. Dynamic digital lighting and smart retail solutions are our perfect answer to these demands.

Highlights Products for Shopfronts & Windows

Light Management SystemsLuminaires
SympholightLiner Quattro
SYMPLWasher Quattro

Inspire & entertain

The right ambience for business success

Hallway & Stairs

The main traffic areas ‒ corridors, passageways, escalators, lifts and stairs ‒ are the essence of every shopping centre, interconnecting the individual levels and shops. With resting areas, open spaces, skylights, fountains, plants, art exhibitions, information boards and terminals and many other architectural features they create the unique atmosphere and appeal of the complex. Light is an integral design element of all this, and OSRAM Lighting Solutions is your full-service provider of illumination technology and expertise to make your architectural concept spring to life. Smart lighting management combines daylight with artificial light to ensure adequate illumination levels at all times while keeping the energy bill under control. State-of-the-art luminaires by OSRAM Lighting Solutions are available for virtually any lighting purpose, from general lighting to information booths, from resting zones to food courts, and from green zones with live plants through to playgrounds for children. A flexible lighting architecture is key in shopping centres where tenants, brands, seasonal needs and decoration tend to change often and spaces are repurposed from time to time.

Highlights Products for Hallways & Stairs

Light Management SystemsLuminaires
SympholightLiner Quattro
SYMPLWasher Quattro
Lunis Downlight Family

Walkways & Amenities

Walkways are often large corridors interconnecting the main “ganglions” of a shopping center, shops are around and daylight ceilings let natural light penetrate inside. These places also offer some spaces for amenities, where shoppers can stop, sit in comfortable benches or seats, take some minutes of rest, make “small talks”, check their social networks or meet people. During these breaks light has to inspire as well as to be functional, provide the right amount of light but also adjust itself according to daylight color and intensity. In addition, the perfect lighting here must also take account of the energy consumption and not last provide information and guide customers towards new shopping experiences.

Highlights Products for Walkways & Amenities

Light Management SystemsLuminaires
SympholightLiner Quattro
SYMPLLunis Downlight Family

Relax & Restore

Light for exceptional delights

Cafes & Restaurants

Going shopping sometimes can take up an important part of the day. Therefore, lunch or dinner in a shopping center offer good opportunities to spend a nice time with friends or family without neglecting other commitments. For others, shopping centers are a welcome and obligatory stop to recover during the day's work. Cafes and restaurants are essentials for having a little time for fun and to relax, for having a “fast” food or for spending time tasting local or international cuisine. Rest areas help to relax customers and put them on track again to continue their shopping experience. OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers color changing and biologically effective luminaires with an invigorating or calming and relaxing effect, and can give expert advice on the best lighting concept to achieve the desired atmosphere.

Highlights Products for Cafes & Restaurants

Light Management SystemsLuminaires
SympholightLiner Quattro
SYMPLLunis Downlight Family

Around the shopping center

Parking Areas

Luminaires in car parks and outdoor parking places must ensure safety and orientation for both drivers and pedestrians. In order to fulfill these tasks absolutely reliably and at the highest efficiency, a lighting control dependent on movement and presence is necessary, and a daylight-dependent lighting is also required in outdoor parking spaces. OSRAM can offer you very effective and energy saving solutions thanks to our powerful LED luminaires, lighting controls and management software especially for parking lots.

The high light quality and luminosity of our lighting solutions also ensure perfect night vision and create a safe environment reducing risks related to theft and vandalism. To ensure flicker-free operation, we also pay close attention to the perfect compatibility of our lighting solutions with surveillance cameras.

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Highlights Products for Parking Areas

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SLC SoftwareStreetlight 20
SLC GatewayCompact Monsun
PIR sensor

Storage & Secondary rooms

We supply you with very powerful and cost-effective lighting solutions for warehouses and secondary rooms. A strong and homogeneous vertical and horizontal illumination ensures that all tasks, such as movement and storage of goods, can be carried out safely and effectively. We also deliver extremely robust and long-lasting lighting solutions for cold stores, where the requirements are particularly demanding due to the low temperatures.

Highlights Products for Storage & Secondary rooms

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