Lighting solutions for supermarkets

The lighting requirements in modern food or non-food supermarkets and stores are as versatile as their product offer and the functional areas connected to them.

Supermarkets today are modern multifunctional buildings, with various functional spaces arranged around the central sales area: warehouses and car parks, cafeterias and newspaper corners, technical facilities and toilets – just to name a few. Each area requires its own, matching lighting solution: from more brilliant, effectual and stimulating lighting to guide the customer to more performant and efficient illumination.

Light for performant illumination

Energy-efficient and functional lighting solutions will help you to improve your long-term revenue. Trunking systems with high luminous efficacy are the best solution to illuminate wide areas homogeneously and also to place vertical surfaces in the right light. Maximize the exposure of your goods in shelves and long aisles with linear luminaires that provide excellent visual characteristics. Highly efficient light sources combined with very precise optics are the perfect cost-effective solution and significantly influence your energy consumption.

Light for brilliant atmosphere

Stimulate your customers by creating an attractive, lively and contrasting atmosphere. Implement your brand image and transform your store into a tempting place where your customers can not help but shop. Island furniture and low displays as well as shelf aisles can be emphasized by directional lights, special offers and special sales can be highlighted by spotlights where necessary. Three-phase track systems are the best and most flexible solution to create accents without neglecting the vertical surfaces. Linear wall washers help to illuminate perimetral walls, freezers and shelves homogeneously.

Light for unique appearance

If there is one thing that can attract and seduce your customers, then it is to turn your store into a special place. An appealing shop and lighting design can mark the difference. OSRAM can help you to adapt the best lighting solutions to your individual architecture and interior design, as well as to perfectly stage your corporate identity and brand identities presented by you. Feel free to create and illuminate a space and appearance that can be recognized everywhere and that makes shopping in your store a perfect experience for your customers.

OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers you a broad portfolio of luminaires and lighting solutions that are suitable for every lighting application and requirement in supermarkets of any kind and size – and in particular state-of-the-art LED-based solutions.

The sales area: the heart of a supermarket

Above all, the core of a supermarket itself – the open space sales area – comprises a wide variety of product groups and shop zones, all of which require a different and specific lighting solution.

General effects and tasks of lighting solutions for sales areas

Successful lighting of sales areas can generally fulfill three important tasks. It can be highly performant – by efficient, functional and powerful light of high quality. It can have a strong stimulating effect and increase the desire to buy – by attractive, decorative and elaborate light. And it can create a very special and individual high-class appearance – by highlighting and interacting with architecture, interior design, corporate and brand identities.

No matter what you are looking for in your lighting, all OSRAM retail lighting solutions perfectly combine attractiveness, efficiency and performance.

Subsections of the sales area

Food counters

Juicy, fresh, cool – light colors trigger emotional impulses. OSRAM has exactly the right lighting solutions to make all fresh food counters look attractive and appetizing. Very good color rendering and product-specific color temperatures present fish and meat, fruits and vegetables or bread and cheese in the best-selling light. LED luminaires are outstandingly suitable for fresh goods counters as they emit only low levels of IR and UV radiation, and no heat is generated at their light emission surfaces. This in turn reduces the danger of germs. Foodstuffs and packaging are protected, vitamins and freshness are kept longer, and a positive side-effect is that the LEDs operate in cool surroundings especially effectively for longer operating durations.

Highlight products for Food counters

Light Management SystemsLuminaires
DALIecoLunis Downlight Family
DALI Multi
VISTOSA Track System
Multi sensor


For freezer lighting, we offer you robust and reliable solutions with limited maintenance. Our LED systems are specially designed for use in heavy environments with low temperatures and high humidity levels. This means that you can easily install thermal doors, which allows for constant energy savings and CO2 reduction. At the same time, our LED solutions provide perfect illumination in the freezer compartment without the help of external additional lights. This contributes to an additional cost saving, since fewer luminaires are required and thus less energy is consumed. We also offer customization services to integrate luminaires into the furniture and adapt them to all needs, such as colored light for more attractiveness.

Highlight products for Freezers

Lumos for thermal doors

Entrance & cashier area

A pleasant and trustworthy light atmosphere is required in entrance and cashier areas. We can help you create a secure environment for payment and money transactions, which is also convenient for your employees. Our lighting solutions provide the necessary amount of light at the workplace with as little glare as possible to support the cashiers' attention and visual performance. We also pay particular attention to the fact that our lighting solutions do not interfere with technical and electronic devices (e. g. cash desk scanners) or security surveillance cameras.

Highlight products for Entrance & Cashier area

Light Management SystemsLuminaires
DALIecoLunis Downlight Family
DALI Multi

Around the sales area

Warehouse & Cold store

We supply you with very powerful and cost-effective lighting solutions for warehouses. A strong and homogeneous vertical and horizontal illumination ensures that all tasks, such as movement and storage of goods, can be carried out safely and effectively. We also deliver extremely robust and long-lasting lighting solutions for cold stores, where the requirements are particularly demanding due to the low temperatures.

Highlight products for Warehouse & Cold store

Light Management SystemsLuminaires
DALIecoModario Trunking system
Modario Sensor Module

Parking areas

Luminaires in car parks and outdoor parking places must ensure safety and orientation for both drivers and pedestrians. In order to fulfill these tasks absolutely reliably and at the highest efficiency, a lighting control dependent on movement and presence is necessary, and a daylight-dependent lighting is also required in outdoor parking spaces. OSRAM can offer you very effective and energy saving solutions thanks to our powerful LED luminaires, lighting controls and management software especially for parking lots.

The high light quality and luminosity of our lighting solutions also ensure perfect night vision and create a safe environment reducing risks related to theft and vandalism. To ensure flicker-free operation, we also pay close attention to the perfect compatibility of our lighting solutions with surveillance cameras.

Highlight products for Parking areas

Light Management SystemsLuminaires
SLC SoftwareStreetlight 20
SLC GatewayCompact Monsun
PIR Sensor


OSRAM facade lighting solutions ensure that your building is clearly visible from afar and the entrance is easily recognizable. Our luminaires provide the right and sufficient light to illuminate and highlight the entrance doors while providing a pleasant and trustworthy environment to attract customers and help prevent theft and vandalism. The perfect compatibility of our lighting solutions with surveillance cameras ensures flicker-free operation. In addition, we also offer robust and reliable solutions with high efficiency, long life and reduced maintenance for round-the-clock display panel lighting.

Highlight products for Facade

Light Management SystemsLuminaires
Sympholight SoftwareNano Liner family
SymplCL LED wall family
Floodlight 20

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