Modern light for urban surroundings

Cities are continuously developing. Neighbourhoods are developed or newly created, traffic routes are reworked and safety requirements reconsidered. Our road luminaires not only comply with today's standards but are also ideally equipped for the future.

Streetlight 10

Efficient road lighting


  • High-efficiency luminaire
  • Innovative reflector optic for high quality of light
  • Minimum glare due to reflector technology
  • Award-winning luminaire design
  • Complete luminaire range for various applications
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Streetlight 20

The economic solution


  • Reduced maintenance complexity due to component replacement on the mast and a maintenance-friendly design
  • Reliable components e.g. with up to 10 kV overvoltage protection
  • Award-winning luminaire design
Streetlight 20 micro Streetlight 20 mini Streetlight 20 midi

Street Light Control (SLC)

Future-safe light control


  • Flexibility also for future needs due to use of Powerline or radio
  • Savings potential via analysis, diagnosis and optimisation of operating management
  • Simple operation due to continuous development of the software together with customers
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TVILIGHT and OSRAM – light becomes even more intelligent

The partnership between OSRAM and TVILIGHT is aimed at the growing demand for intelligent, networked light. The joint solution of adaptive lighting solutions with sensors and wireless network technology enables systems to be operated according to needs, with high energy efficiency and with maintenance optimisation. Tvilight has an installed base of more than 100 projects globally with thousands of intelligent light points in iconic cities including Amsterdam, Seoul, Istanbul, Cologne and Berlin as well as infrastructure hubs such as airports, harbours and railway stations. TVILIGHT's independent, open and future-safe software platform enables OSRAM to offer intelligent, networked lighting, and also allows customers and partners to securely and reliably integrate Smart City services into areas such as traffic and parking management, air quality monitoring and many other sectors.

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Convincing city marketing with decorative lighting

Every city, town and neighbourhood has its own appeal, and it's a matter of placing these in the right light. Even better if safety is improved and costs saved at the same time. Here is a selection from our decorative and dynamic lighting solutions.

DL 30

Decorative orientation


  • Optical guidance by the luminaire itself
  • Various light distributions for differing applications
  • In crossing areas light is guided 'around the corner' due to asymmetric wide light distribution
  • Vandal-proof with impact-resistant to cover to the product
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DL 50

A diverse luminaire range


  • Uniform appearance of luminaires due to diverse mounting options
  • Decorative brackets for design accents
  • Differing light distributions for narrow or wide roads
  • Reduced installation costs due to simple mounting
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Dynamic lighting solutions from Traxon & e:cue


  • All is possible – from simple plug & play installation to wide-area media facades.
  • Individual and flexible lighting emphasises the architectural highlights of your city.
  • A wide selection of construction sizes, light colours and optics for various applications.
  • Reliable solutions from the Osram brand.

Are you looking for an expert to install and configure dynamic facade lighting? We are the right choice with our extensive network of partners – ranging from design to completion.

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