CLO 2.0 - The revolution of CLO

Constant lumen output

16.01.2017 | Products

Constant lumen output (CLO) has been one of the main control features with modern urban lighting during the last years. Like the name already says this function ensures a constant lumen output at a specified level by dimming at the beginning of the operation time and power correction with continuing lifetime.

In the past CLO meant a static curve for correction of wattage, predefined at laboratory conditions with 25°C and 100 % operation mode of the luminaire.

The new CLO 2.0 is a patented solution that takes into account real life conditions where wind, rain, ambient temperatures and dimming modes have an impact on the temperature of LEDs and components - which in turn is a significant factor for the efficacy and lifetime of luminaires.

With CLO 2.0 built-in sensors measure the temperature of the components and the ECG decides how much voltage the luminaire needs to reach a defined lumen package.

That means

  • Higher efficacy, longer lifetime
  • Up to 6% energy and CO2 savings
  • Lower energy costs
  • A much more exact correction of the luminous flux

Outdoor luminaires with CLO 2.0