DL® 20 - Light guides the way

Design luminaire for cost-effective and future-orientated street lighting.

17.10.2018 | Products

A luminaire in perfect form

Outstanding design, powerful LED technology and outstanding lighting technology, all in one street luminaire. The DL® 20 stands for cost-effective lighting with a maximum visual comfort and feel-good factor. It’s compliant with residential and collector street lighting standards and also offers pleasant lighting for parks and other open spaces.

The DL® 20 design supports the architectural context of its surroundings. Used as deliberate staging or invisible integration into an existing ensemble, it enhances the attractiveness of its environment. During the day, the DL® 20 demonstrates its effectiveness through its filigree appearance, at night through the simple corona of the LED ring.

The DL® 20 at a glance:

  • Decorative lighting of streets, paths and open spaces, with luminous flux packages of 3010-5380 lm
  • High efficiency and long service life of up to 100,000 h (L95/B10 at 25° C)
  • Two light colors (3,000 K and 4,000 K)
  • Three light distributions for roads (ST1.2A), paths (P1.0A) and open spaces (PL1.2S)
  • Minimal glare due to multiple refraction of light
  • Easy installation and assembly
  • Intelligent control options

New with Generation 3:

  • Improved efficiency with up to 112 lm/W
  • Latest generation of LED and ECG
  • Optional plug enables control with the Siteco Servicebox

DL® 20 in the electronic catalogue

More elegance with design masts - design the entire light spot: we offer two design masts for the DL® 20.

Atmospheric with the DL20

Atmospheric and functional

This isn't just an ordinary space
Design contributes significantly to the ambience of a space. While classic street lighting remains in the background, urban luminaires set accents at night and during the day. With the DL® 20 you enhance your cityscape and give places a special meaning. A positive aura. A quality of life.

I'm comfortable here
Urban light differs significantly from technical street lighting, where light serves a purely functional purpose. However, when light is reflected by a body of light, as in the case of DL® 20, it unfolds its cozy effect: it becomes soft and pleasant. Light that makes you feel good.

Pleasant, glare-free light

The sophisticated light distribution system breaks the light twice before it leaves the luminaire. This means that there is no glare when looking directly into the luminaire, from any position. The ambient lighting is particularly soft and pleasant. Streets, paths and squares are uniformly illuminated.
With very harmonious contrast transitions, light is directed specifically into distant, medium and close ranges. The danger of dark zones on pedestrian paths, for example, and thus a reduced sense of safety, is averted. The design also prevents light pollution from light radiating into the sky.

Design with functionality
The lighting competence combined with high engineering skills make the DL® 20 an outdoor luminaire that can withstand any comparison. Technologically advanced, it is designed for low-maintenance and trouble-free continuous operation. The DL® 20 proves itself with high-quality materials and technological features. An example of this is thermal management with the LED unit in the luminaire ring and the control gear in the mast top. The LED unit is IP66 and IK08, protected and firmly screwed to the luminaire ring. This ensures a service life of up to 100,000 operating hours. Thermal management also helps to save energy. The better an LED luminaire is cooled, the better the ratio of luminous efficacy per watt.

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