A view into the stars

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

03.05.2018 | Events

On 3rd May, Osram invited more than 50 lighting designers and architects to the "Earth, Sky & Light" event in a desert camp at the Al Maha Desert Resort in Dubai.

The participants watched the starry night sky around the campfire, far away from the city lighting. Hasan Hariri, CEO of the Dubai Astronomy Group, guided through the universe and emphasized the importance of proper lighting to avoid skyglow. He also showed the effects of light pollution on human life and how artificial light can block our vision of the stars at night.

"The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries with the highest light pollution worldwide due to a lack of regulations," said Hasan Hariri. "With this event we showed how Osram's lighting solutions contribute to the protection and sustainability of the environment and human life - with the right products for light only where it is needed" said Yenal Gul, ME Head of Sales.

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