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24.07.2017 | Products

The LED Module 540 heralds the future of town and park lighting. The module is characterised by a high level of visual comfort and unique optical control, as well as innovative LED technology that also promises a high level of acceptance with residents. The module can be fitted into all mushroom and lanterndesign town and park luminaires from the OSRAM subsidiary Siteco, achieving a substantial contribution in terms of energy and costs as well as both decorative and sustainable outdoor lighting for cities, towns and local councils.

The LED Module 540 at a glance

  • One module – 100% compatibility to the luminaire ranges CITY LIGHT, CITY LIGHT Pillar, LANTERN and MUSHROOM LUMINAIRE
  • Long service life: up to 80,000 hrs. (L80/B10)
  • Low energy consumption due to high luminaire luminous effi cacy (up to 117 lm/W)
  • Net luminous fl ux: approx. 1400 lm to 3100 lm
  • Two light colours: 3000K (warm white) and 4000K (neutral white)
  • Three different light distributions
  • asymmetric distribution (ST1.2a)
  • asymmetric wide distribution (P1.0a)
  • symmetric distribution (PL1.2s)
  • Three control options (Basic/Plus/Premium)

One single module, many advantages

  • Low energy consumption due to high luminaire luminous efficacy (up to 100 lm/W) and demand oriented control options
  • Long rated service life of up to 80,000 operating hours (L80/B10)
  • High visual comfort, uniform illumination of the road and an exceptional good glare reduction
  • Decorative day and night-time effect and improved visual guidance
  • Easy mounting, low maintenance and future-safe modular construction

Designing exterior spaces with innovative LED luminaires

The level of urban appeal and quality of life is determined by individual well-being, and lighting plays a major part in this. The appearance of lighting influences the surroundings, with form and design playing a primary role during the day and the quality of light at night. Both directly affect the feeling of safety, personal well-being and identification with the surroundings. Siteco town and park luminaires allow these factors to be individually planned and designed,

Just one module for a wide diversity of applications, a requirement supplied to perfection for town and park lighting with the Siteco LED Module 540: one module for nine different types of luminaire. In addition, all town and park luminaires feature clear covers for attractive appearances during the day and night as well as high lighting quality.

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